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Master's in Education Policy
Improve Education by Changing the System

When it comes to directing change in education, successful policy leaders need both knowledge and experience. During an intensive 12-month master's program at the University of Washington, we help prepare you for critical policy roles by combining a structured curriculum with the hands-on experience of a two-quarter, 150-hour internship.

Taught by top-ranked faculty in the fields of education policy design, implementation and evaluation, the Master's in Education Policy at the University of Washington allows you to interact with policy professionals working in government agencies and nonprofit organizations at the local, state and national levels.

Graduate Holly Morris'
Work Experience

Korrie Miller
Holly Morris
Director of Postsecondary Model Development and Adoption, EDUCAUSE

As an intern at Washington State LASER, Holly drew upon her experience as an attorney and as an administrator at UW School of Law. During her internship, she worked with LASER's leadership to evaluate and bolster the organization's effectiveness and impact. Holly is now using the skills she developed during her internship in her role as a leader with Next Generation Learning Challenges, an initiative within EDUCAUSE.

In her current role as the Director of Postsecondary Model Development and Adoption, Holly designs and leads the Breakthrough Models Incubator for grantee higher education institutions' leadership teams, including four-year universities and two-year colleges. For the Breakthrough Models Incubator, Holly is designing and will implement an evaluation plan that distills lessons learned from existing programs and curates successful best practices for higher education institutions and leaders striving toward innovative business models. To do this, Holly is drawing upon her broad range of professional experiences, her education policy coursework and her internship project with LASER. Holly will also be designing and leading the Breakthrough Models Academy, an institute for higher education leaders from across the country to seed and develop innovative leadership from the ground up.